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Loyalty & Gift Card Programs for Small Businesses

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We stand at the crossroads of technology and marketing. We design loyalty and gift card programs custom tailored for your business and your customers.


For less than the cost of a latte a day, imagine having an entire Marketing and IT department at your disposal for a flat low monthly fee.


It\'s your logo, branding, language, and currency. Our product looks and feels like an extension of your brand. Integrated solutions available with our robust API.

Loyalty Monitor

Consumer spending is 46% higher with companies that offer loyalty card programs.

Loyalty Monitor Study
by Total Research Corporation

The Loyalty Effect

Companies can increase revenues by nearly 50% by retaining only 5% of their customer base.

Loyal customers not only spend more on each visit, but also are twice as likely to refer a new customer. Loyalty is the key to growth.

Frederick Reichheld
Author of The Loyalty Effect

TMS Research

In the UK, 56% of shoppers carry 3 or more cards and 20% have more than 5. In fact, our research found that 85% of UK households have one or more cards, suggesting that most consumers regulary use loyalty cards.

TMS Research